Your Inside Shape


Your Inside Shape is a children’s book that offers readers a lesson in individuality, and helps young minds realize their own unique potential to the world.


With easy-to-follow poetic verse and guided illustrations, Your Inside Shape joins Orion and his friends as they learn that what is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside.


Children will enjoy learning how to discover their own passion, interests, and talents and how these inside shapes will be carried with them their entire lives.


This original picture book explains in simple terms how to discover those inner qualities, how to appreciate them and to respect the qualities of others.



Martha Cohn

Public School Teacher - 17 Years


Your Inside Shape is a wonderful book that addresses the importance of being unique in a charming and child friendly way. I feel that a child could relate easily to the book by connecting with the characters around their own personal likes and dislikes. Growing up is not easy and doing so with an open mind, an empathetic heart and a positive sense of self will make the journey easier. Although this book is for children, reading with an adult allows the message to be shared and talked about and can serve as a reminder to everyone that being unique is something to be embraced.

Andrea Couvee

Elementary School Teacher - 26 Years


Your Inside Shape delivers an

important message to children about how special we all are. A picture book may be geared toward younger children, but the message in this book is one which will benefit children of all ages.”

Tammy Fletcher, M.A., PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, CA


“Christine Sarno-Doyle's book, Your Inside Shape, provides a gentle and positive nudge in the right direction for children of all ages. Its pages offer cheerful, bright illustrations and clever verse designed to help youngsters realize and celebrate not only their own unique potential, but that of those around them. Highly recommended for parents to share with their children!”