Who’s Going To Be You?


Like many young children, Darcie struggles to fit in with the rest of her peers. She doesn’t always like to do the things her friends and playmates like to do, and she wishes she could be more like them. Darcie believes being more like her peers will make her happy, until one day, a mysterious voice asks, “Then who’s going to be you?”


As Darcie searches to answer this question, she learns to love herself, her world, and to do the things that make her happy. Along the way, she makes some charming new friends that invite her and readers into their magical, special world, where being “you” is the only way to be!

“One again, Christine Sarno-Doyle has her finger on the pulse of what today’s kids need to hear. Last year this author gave us Your Inside Shape, a brightly colored book for younger children, celebrating their inner selves over outward appearances. In Who’s Going to Be You?, Ms. Sarno-Doyle carries a similar message of positivity and self-acceptance to kids roughly between the ages of 8 and 11. Your mileage may vary – even as an adult I found the book’s primary messages - being open to listening to inner wisdom and nurturing one’s own inner strengths – to be an inspiration. In a day and age where even elementary school children are caught up in comparing themselves to others and struggles with self-esteem, Who’s Going to Be You? is a welcome voice in helping kids feel good about themselves.”


- Tammy Fletcher, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, CA

“The age old question, Who am I?, is central to our search for our identity and individuality and Christine Sarno-Doyle captures this creatively in Who’s Going To Be You?  This story serves as a positive affirmation to young children in their search and acceptance of self and in the acceptance of others. It also provides adults an avenue with which to open productive conversations with children in our lives. A must-read.”


-Maureen DiPalma, Reading and Special Education Teacher, Retired




Who’s Going To Be You? is a wonderfully creative work by Christine Sarno-Doyle that teaches and encourages children to understand and celebrate their uniqueness.


Our children are growing up in a high-tech world bombarded with images and messages leaving them little time for reflection and inner growth. Using nature metaphors that teach and serve as positive affirmations, Ms. Sarno-Doyle offers our children a window to their sense of self and encourages listening to their inner wisdom.


With reports of bullying starting in earlier grades, it is imperative for parents and teachers to help children develop inner strength and appreciation for their own uniqueness as well as that of others. Cultivating an appreciation for diversity in all things will empower our children to be neither victims nor bystanders and paint a brighter picture for their future. Ms. Sarno-Doyle’s book gives us a valuable resource and way to start that conversation with children in a style they will understand and accept.


This is wonderful book that should be read and discussed in classrooms throughout the country.”


- Honi Kawut, DC