Turning 60

Through recollections of life experiences and the loving souls who have touched my life, I find a depth of gratitude that is humbling. I am reminded over and over again that the meaning one person can bring to another's life is without measure.  


We do somehow simply being who we are touch the lives of others in extraordinary fashion. Sometimes, for a day. Sometimes for a lifetime. Artfully choreographed earlier or later the effects of which would hold less sway.


Because of you, my life is fuller, happier, and securer. Because of you, I grew, became more informed, cultured, resourceful, trusting, loving, determined, accepting, or peaceful. Because of you, I fashioned a stronger sense of self. Because of you, at 60, there is nothing more I would ask.


This year I am celebrating unforgettable souls, synchronicity, and serendipitous gifts.


This year I lift my glass and toast life: to sixty extraordinary years, to my son the light of my life, to my “daughter” a remarkable blessing, to my grandson who holds my heart and fills life with joy, and to you because of who I am today.


With love and gratitude,





December 2013

I am celebrating my 60th birthday this year and reflecting gives me pause.

It’s hard to fathom I've reached the age of 60 when a part of me feels certain

30 was a few short years ago.