Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship Foundation

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Billerica Scholarship Foundation
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Sarno Scholarship Fund
79 Glad Valley Dr
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Town of Billerica Tax ID Number   04-6001989
Text Box: The Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1989 in memory of  Mr. Sarno (Joe) to perpetuate his legacy of helping students reach their full potential. 

Joe Sarno’s tenure in the Billerica School System spanned 27 years. His career included Howe Jr. High School math teacher, football coach, and guidance counselor. 
Eventually he went on to serve as 
Billerica Memorial High School Vice Principal. 

An annual award of $1,000 is given to a student who has demonstrated the most significant growth in character and academic studies during his or her high school years. If at the beginning of a high school career a student was failing or at the point of dropping out and turned their life around by graduation and are at a point they feel they will be successful in college they are encouraged to apply. 
This is where Mr. Sarno’s heart was, and so it is that this award asserts 

"Success is not only determined by academic achievement. 
Success is also a measure of how well one traverses life challenges."


Text Box: Current Fundraising

50 copies of two children’s  
Your Inside Shape
Who’s Going To Be You?
have been donated to the fund
And are being sold for 
$15 each, 2 for $25.

All money goes to the Fund. 

Please contact me if you would like to one or both!