Amazing How Life Works

by Christine Sarno-Doyle


Amazing how life works.

Out of the blue extraordinary people and events come into, back into my life.

I'm in awe.


I live my life.

Some days are pure joy.

Other days include challenges.

I hope something will work out a certain way.

I work at making something work out in a certain way

I make the most of a situation.

Sometimes I don't know what to make of a situation.

I let go and get on with my life.


The next thing I know an unimaginable gift presents itself.


No matter the plan - an incredible gift - be it a person or an event and how either comes to be - surpasses my imaginings.


Never in my scope, they come on their own volition.


I don't look for them.

It's impossible to look for them.

I am unaware of their existence - until they appear.

Their energy seeks me out.

What is mine even for a time will find me when the time is right.




January 2012