About the site

I’m all about personal growth and empowerment, and my hope is that what’s on this site inspires others in their quest to live fully and to follow their dreams.


Many of us abandon our dreams and aspirations for a number of selfless reasons. - Selfless: self-sacrificing, unselfish. 


But, do we really need to be self-sacrificing to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world? 


I believe it is just the opposite.


There are untold consequences for discounting passion, dreams, and aspirations.  Our unique talents remain untapped: my best, your best, those-we-know their best.  Multiply that talent and brilliance by thousands, tens of thousands and realize the passion upon which the world may have drawn.


Passion is mysterious and immeasurable, and yet following one’s passion serendipitously inspires others to do the same. 


Opportunities convene with enthusiasm and optimism and unimaginable returns on our investments become apparent. 


It is energy in its purest form. Energy that should be stoked not extinguished.


We should honor our unique selves and our gifts and set an example especially for our children to honor their own.


Let your passion light the world around you. 


We are meant to live beyond the clichés.

Only my heart knows what is truly important, and my career choices need to reflect that wisdom.   - unknown